Model A

CAD Unit price: 397$ 317$

24$ Shipping

Model B

CAD Unit price: 299$ 239$

24$ Shipping

Deux sites de productions :
INOX PYRÉNÉES – Larressore, France | Tube Caron, Lanoraie (Québec) Canada

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Results-oriented services

Aerospace and transportation leaders trust Orbit Solutions to provide a full suite of services:

  • Project completion on a fixed-cost or work-package basis
  • Workforce outsourcing
  • Metal product design, fabrication and assembly
  • Design evaluation from a fabrication and assembly perspective
  • Metal parts costing and assembly time estimates
  • Production workflow review and workspace optimization
  • Cost reduction program implementation
  • Input/output program transfer
  • Client and supplier audits
Partnership Orbit Solutions
Expleo, Tube Caron, Oneka & Inox pyrénées
  • Assystem is an international engineering and innovation consulting group active in North America and Europe with a pool of 12,000 collaborators. Through our partnership with Assystem we provide international outsourcing, connecting employers with qualified professionals on the international market. In real-world terms, this means we can better meet the full range of needs of our aerospace and transportation industry clients.
  • Put the Orbit Solutions team’s large network and aerospace and transportation expertise to work to optimize your operations, cut costs and raise your company profile.
Richard Demoucelle
Richard Demoucelle


Richard Demoucelle has over 20 years’ experience in aerospace operations in both Canada and Europe. Today he is still putting his diversified skillset to work serving major players in the aerospace industry.

Claude Beaudin
Claude Beaudin


A former executive at Bombardier Aerospace, Claude Beaudin is known for his expertise in human resources for the aerospace and transportation industries. He has a comprehensive understanding of industry staffing needs and he offers innovative and practical solutions.

Sylvain Néron
Sylvain Néron


Sylvain Néron has been a certified industrial relations counsellor since 1998, and has over 30 years’ experience in occupational health and safety. His approach is designed to maximize managerial efficiency for organizations.


The thriving aerospace industry has greatly increased demand for specialized professionals and support for technical services. Orbit Solutions is your partner of choice to meet the full range of HR needs in the short, medium, and long terms with a large selection of experienced, certified professionals: assemblers, tool and dye makers, fitters, avionics specialists, machinists, and much more.

In addition to workforce outsourcing we offer metal product design, fabrication and assembly services, and design evaluation from a fabrication and assembly perspective.

Our expertise in this cutting-edge sector also means we can support you in optimizing processes and planning long-term growth with a comprehensive analysis of one or more divisions of your company. Our know-how in such areas as production flows, assembly lines, and work segmentation will help you stay competitive in your market.


Handling high turnover, managing schedules and cutting costs are just a few of the challenges you face every day in the transportation industry.

To optimize your activities and find reliable, certified employees, you can count on Orbit Solutions.

  • Looking for new challenges in the aeronautics or transportation industries? Do your colleagues consider you a conscientious, detail-oriented professional who takes the company’s objectives to heart?
  • Apply to work with us by filling in the form.

  • For information on our services or to request a quote, contact one of our aerospace and transportation industry professionals. We will be happy to meet with you and help plan the development of your company.

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